Our Mission

Ultrasound Consultants International’s principle guiding mission is to decrease preventable deaths globally by using mobile diagnostic ultrasound scanning. Ultrasound exams are benign, using only soundwaves to create high quality images of areas within the human body. Maternal and prenatal disorders, liver and kidney diseases, strokes, blood clots, infections and pneumonia can all be diagnosed via soundwaves.

With the help of ultrasound, afflictions that would lead to morbidity and mortality are identified early and then treated accordingly.

Ultrasound Consultants International’s primary vision is to foster access to quality mobile diagnostic screening worldwide. In doing so, we will improve health outcomes in all corners of the globe. With portable machines weighing less than 25lbs, we can ensure that studies can be done in rural as well as urban areas. Populations in rural areas would benefit greatly from cutting edge diagnostic exams being available to them where they are. Eliminating the cost and pitfalls of traveling would make healthcare cheaper, faster and better. Time saved, money saved, and more importantly, lives saved.